Crack the code

You received a voucher for the escape?

That’s brilliant. Look forward to a lot of fun at our escape games right at the heart of Z├╝rich. To get your code you only need to follow the instructions on your voucher. We tried not to make it too easy to get you in the mood for our inhouse riddles.
Have fun solving this first riddle and look forward to solving many more at our place.

Once you solve this riddle you end up with a word that makes a bit more sense than the one you’ve had before. Now you can book your appointment with us here and enter your code on our checkout page.

You don't have a voucher?

You can order a gift voucher here and it will be sent to you within very few days so you can pass it on as a present. If you want to solve our games yourself, please have a look at our free appointments here and book a game for yourself and your friends.

Can you find the code word for your game?

Use the wheel below to decode your code word.

*klick on the wheel to make it turn.


As with our games, we love to help you solve our riddles. Hopefully it won’t ding your ego too much, though.


Somewhere in your voucher it reads “In seek you out”. That doesn’t really make much sense, does it?


Click on the wheel until the inner “C” meets the outer “Q” (In C, Q out). Now all you need to do is solve your code word for something that makes a little more sense.